The Bikes

Origami Bicycle Company is a specialty retailer of folding bicycles for commuters, travelers, pilots, boaters, RV’ers, apartment dwellers, and anyone who will enjoy the convenience and compactness of a folding bike.

As an on-line retailer, we ship our bikes anywhere in the 48 contiguous states with no shipping charges to our customers.  Additionally, we recognize that you are buying our products based upon our reputation in the market, but you are often buying sight-unseen.  Therefore, we offer a two-week test drive period during which you can return your bike for any reason for a full refund ,you only pay the return shipping (you won’t likely get an offer like that from your local bike store).

We have been providing folding bikes, and excellent customer service, since 2011, and we look forward to many more years and many more happy customers.

Origami Bicycle Company has focused on niches within the niche folding bike market.  We offer two models, the Cricket 7 and the Mantis, with full suspensions that smooth out rough roads and protect riders from those rough road impacts.  We are the only folding bike company to offer quality full-suspension bikes for under $400.00.

We have also focused on travelers with our Crane 8 model.  This bike folds to be very tidy 12.7″ x 33″ x 25″ and weighs in at 27.7 lbs (including the rack and fenders).  The Crane 8 also pairs very nicely with our suitcase and trailer kit which allows the rider to pack the Crane 8 into our airline-legal-sized suitcase (no oversize bag fees) which, in turn, converts into a trailer for carrying your belongs at your destination.

Our Gazelle is a beauty to behold, and its disc brakes offer tremendous stopping power even in wet conditions.  The Gazelle offers a colorful and comfortable alternative to other bikes in this price range.

We are very proud of our products, and we are always happy to answer any questions you may have.  Please email us at, or call us at 1-804-350-6383 if we can be of assistance.